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domingo, enero 30, 2011
Awesome laptop spare parts shop -
I've had an otherwise perfectly functional Acer AspireOne ZG5, sitting in its box with a cracked LCD screen, for almost one year, waiting for a phone call from the Service department of the store where I bought it. They are usually pretty great, but I'm not impressed with their efforts in finding this screen for me, so they'll remain unnamed.

Anyhow, I searched the web for this screen after many months of not even trying, and found the usual Amazon "deals" and a couple of other unimpressive shops.

And then I found!

They had the best deal I had found anywhere else, and they ship everywhere, and they receive payments from credit cards, Google Checkout, or Paypal. I was feeling optimistic, so I went ahead and bought the screen.

The shipping is inexpensive, but lacks international tracking, so I spent two grueling weeks waiting for my screen to arrive. In the end everything worked out just fine; I have my ZG5 back in duty, and I've ordered an extra battery pack from them.

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