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jueves, junio 30, 2011
Cómo convencer a Skype en Ubuntu de que no use PulseAudio
Desde hace mucho tiempo que el micrófono no me funciona con la instalación típica de Skype en Ubuntu. PulseAudio es demasiado quisquilloso y nomás no se entiende con Skype, así que siempre termino usando Skype sin PulseAudio de la siguiente manera:

/bin/sh -c "PULSE_SERVER= skype"

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lunes, junio 20, 2011
Flash Builder hangs while "Loading Workbench"
Sometimes Flash Builder crashes, and sometimes, when it crashes, it leaves the "workbench" in an unusable state. It's easy to fix, but it's hard to find the answers right away, so here goes:
  1. Kill the Flash Builder process (if it's still running)
  2. Find the "Adobe Flash Builder 4/.metadata/" folder, or similar, in your home folder
  3. If there's a .lock file, delete it
  4. From that same folder, go into ".plugins/org.eclipse.core.resources/"
  5. If there's a .snap file, delete it
  6. Restart Flash Builder
That's it. These instructions are good for Flash Builder 4, at least.

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miércoles, junio 01, 2011
XML initialization in ActionScript
The difference between these statements:
var xml:XML = new XML('<root>' + + '</root>');
var xml:XML =
is that the first forces the XML constructor to parse every part of the String, looking for XML code. The second statement treats the {var} as a simple data value, so potential XML code inside it will be escaped (that is, something like <tag> will become &lt;tag&gt;).

In short, if should be considered as a complex XML value, use the XML constructor. Otherwise, you can use the fancy shortcut.

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